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What Are Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats?

Lightning-wielding horse Kirin appears in Monster Hunter: Freedom and other games in the Monster Hunter series. She emits a brilliant blue light whenever Kirin is on, casting a dazzling white shadow. Kirin proudly wears a white and blue horn as a badge of honour. To be safe, I may call down lightning bolts at any moment, which makes him seem to float over the earth like a vapor.

Brief History Of Kirin Legends

Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats History Of Kirin Legends

Mythology about the Kirin may be found in the real world despite being a mythical figure. While Kirin is the Japanese term for “Giraffe,” it is also an old Eastern tale comparable to Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster (though much more complex and magnificent). The fabled Chinese illusion, known as “Qilin,” has its Japanese equivalent in the name “Kirin.”
The Kirin is a hooved animal that can control lightning and offer good luck, even though its legends vary from culture to culture. Those who believe in the Kirins believe they exclusively attack and punish evil.

Go to Wikipedia and type “Kirin” to learn more about this mythical creature. They’ve compiled a wealth of knowledge regarding Kirin’s history on their website. Fire Kirin Fish Game Tips

Quest Information

Normal, + Ranked or G Ranked are all options for facing Kirins.
However, as they grow more complex, the rewards get lavish, and the struggle gets more thrilling. “Riches await those who defeat it!” is what the mission requestors want to ensure you know!

Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats Normal

Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats Normal Kirin

The Legendary is the name given to this legendary character. Kirin
The reward is 4800 z
Fee for Work: $800
A time limit of 50 minutes is enforced.
Place of Occurrence: Forest
There are no special conditions.
Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats is the only way to achieve your goal.
You’ll get no reward if you fail and have to start over.
This request has been made on behalf of Jungle Explorer.
“I’m sure that was the spectral beast… You can’t miss it because of its ethereal glow and how it appears to float over the ground.”

This quest begins and ends in area 6, where Kirin will remain. Five to six, Ioprey follows him. After killing the prey, take on the Kirin. Run down to 4 if you need to rest and recuperate; let Kirin fight the Ioprey if this is your first time with him, and observe his attack pattern if this is your first time with him.

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Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats

The Beast Is Out There!
5200 yen as a reward
One thousand and twenty-eight yuan
Limit of 50 minutes
In the swamp.
None of the following applies:
Level ***** of the quest
Goal: Defeat the Kirin
Fail Time Over, Zero Rewards Allowed.
City Watchman Submits Request
“I saw it, and I swear it was me! Riches are at stake for anybody who can bring it down…”

Area 5 is where Kirin will begin and end this quest. Osprey and Genprey are present this time. Ouch. Not all of them can be resurrected indefinitely. Kill as many of them as possible, and be on the lookout for Kirin’s charges. Keep your distance from him by staying on the opposite side of the map. Concentrate on Kirin after the prey has been killed. A typical Kirin isn’t quite as strong or swift as this one. Good luck!

Kirin guide Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats.

 Attack List 180 Lightning Blitz:

In a 180-degree (half-circle) arc, Kirin will send lightning bolts hurtling to the earth in front of him. This may knock you to the ground and do significant damage. If you’re unfortunate, you may be paralyzed by it. To receive several free attacks on Kirin’s vulnerable body, you should roll or run out of the path rather than try to stop this strike. Fire Kirin Ios Apk.

360 Lightning Blitz:

Kirin will conjure lightning bolts in a 360-degree circle around his body, similar to the 180 Lightning Blitz. Bolts are thrown randomly so that you can stop them, but you should probably roll out of the way since one may fall behind you.

Lightning Bolt:

Lightning Bolts are summoned from the sky by Kirin in a very unusual strike.

Kirin’s most common strike, the Inner Lightning Bolt, paralyzes its opponents by releasing lightning bolts deep inside its body.


Kirin will rush towards you and raise his horn in a threatening gesture. This infant may seriously injure even the most well-protected Hunter. People, it’s better to avoid this one. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to land many strikes on Kirin because of how rapidly I heal.


You incur damage if Kirin hits you while I am moving. You’re still knocked down on your butt despite the pro quantity. The good news is that you can recover fast, and he’s not likely to swarm you with this strike.


Kirin will suddenly stop prancing and start strafing at you at random intervals. This might not be easy to doge because I may strike you diagonally while you’re rolling. Just be cautious, and attempt to move away from him if I walk on the ground.

Proud Stance:

Even though this is not an assault, you should take advantage of this opportunity. Sometimes, Kirin will click his hooves on the ground, gaze down, and become stiff and look up. You have the opportunity to either attack or heal Kirin at this point.


Although I haven’t seen it in the basic Kirin, the Kirin+ does utilize it from time to time. Area 10 from area 2 may occasionally do a 180-degree spin and leap to the exit. The white shadow won’t leave the area, so keep an eye out for it if you want to sharpen your weapon or heal yourself.

Elemental Damage

While it’s evident that Kirin would neutralize all Thunder Damage, you may still use the other aspects to your advantage.

Primary Elements:

Fire: Exemplary
Water: Sufficiently
Rumble: Negated
Dragon: Poor
Secondary Parts:
Stun: Affirmative
Poison: yea
Hit Out: No
Rest: Affirmative

Using a Water or Fire element with Kirin is your best chance. Additionally, secondary components might have a significant impact. You should land many hits or do a lot of damage since poison and stun stay long.

GameFAQs member DaiIchiban discovered this damage chart. Regardless of how accurate it is, it seems to be heading in the correct direction:

Little Notes

-Yes, I do have a Fury mode. – He’s more agile, frequently uses 360 Lightning Blitz, and radiates more static in his mane. Remember how he travels quickly and does more damage?

However, painting him is not required since I will generally remain in the jungle or swamp for the whole fight, depending on where you are playing.

-You can’t catch Kirin because he’s too hefty. Keep in mind that he’s around the size and weight of a Drome.

Kirin may launch a Lightning-based attack in the middle of a trampling charge. Use caution when close enough to him to get a hit in. During these battles, you should always be prepared to roll or dodge.

The Kirin missions have no rhyme or reason; they arise and disappear at will. If it vanishes on you, don’t be surprised.

Ensure your green sharpness is up to the task before embarking on this job since Kirin’s hide is quite challenging.

General Combat Information For Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats

You’ve researched and concluded that you’re ready to take on Kirin.
You should be ok if you have enough health and stamina/sharpness supplies and a nice suit of armor with excellent thunder resistance. Get ready for one of the most exciting confrontations in the history of Monster Hunter!

Timing is critical in Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats combat. In the same way, every other living creature has a defense and an offense, and he possesses both. It’s either that or I move around. I advise you to follow his lead. Wait until he launches an attack before attempting to heal or utilize whetstones. As a precaution, you may either heal yourself or sharpen your weapon away from the location.

Prey-rich areas are also where Kirin begins their journeys. There are no respawns for the prey in the 6* urgent task, but there are for the 5* Guild quest. Therefore it may take some time to clean the region. Even so, clearing the area is worth it since it’s almost hard to watch you back from Kirin and Prey simultaneously. Stunned, you’re in for a world of hurt from a Genprey.

Keep in mind that you have plenty of time on your side while fighting the Kirin. In 15 minutes or less, I can generally kill a Kirin with my Clust lv2 begun, so you’ll have plenty of time to strategize. Do not be scared to observe Kirin’s patterns for a few minutes at a time.

In-depth Combat Strategies

Here are all the varied ways individuals have come up with to deal with Kirin’s various weapons:

Sword And Shield 


All I did for SnS was run around him until I charged or started any of his
Lightning attacks. If it were a charge, I would try to come from behind him, use the triangle+circle starter, do as many hits as possible, and then roll away.
If I did the little hop after the charge, I would roll forward and make the triangle attack out of the roll into a combo. If I was close enough, I Watched how it goes for the

lightning attacks and got the timings down. Keep clear if I do
the random lightning spam (360 Lightning Blitz). If he
does the ones just in front of him, triangle+circle from the sides/back. If he
does the ones that sort of go forward each bolt (Lightning Bolt), then the
same thing.

If he does the one that attacks right on him, then wait for a few
bolts (not sure how many, but easy to see once you see it once or twice), then
triangle+circle him. Reasonably simple, compelling enough, anytime you land a
triangle+circle, you should be able to get at least a triangle, circle after it,
if not more. All the time, circle him at a close-medium distance and
just wait for openings.


“I use SnS. I wait until it shoots its thunder (the front one), then I tri+O its head and roll away. Repeat. If it hurts the area, stay far away. When it’s about to end, use the tri+O again to get back. Use a giant bomb and a small bomb to make it fall. I used frosted (3 sharpens) to defeat it the first time, but I didn’t get the timing right. The paintball just fell off,

Great Sword 


“For G.S., Still sheath your blade. This permits for more rapid actions so you can
dodge spells. And still, use the unsheath spell because it’s much faster
than the average triangle attack. Roll; still, roll. P.S. I forgot. I call Kirin
the electric ass; set it in your faq, delight :D.”


“Make sure you own driving and cruise a fortune to bypass its episodes.
Remedy when you handle your potions, choice positioned you up to full fitness.
If you can eat gifted Wine and Cheese at the kitties, brook, and power
and fort boosting articles you bear.

The most acceptable option to shoot is when it contains a ‘rest’ and sort of ‘blemishes’ at the
bottom(Proud View) with its hoofs. Drive up to it and ensure you hit its
head, as that’s the only home your dagger will cut through. Hopefully, you choose to
strike it through – if not, save bombing until it forms, racing about too. If
you strike it over, hit it until it calls up.

A problematic spell is when it causes
bolts of thunder to shoot near it, this is pretty decisive and will knock you
around. But if you time it right, you can land an accessory hit on its head. This can
accept a time, but it’s likely the safest way to kill it while
bypassing dying. Blaze piece seems to toil well against it even.”

Dual Swords

Dual Blades, while short, live a poor choice for fighting Kirin. Their extended
combos are difficult to crack and do remarkably minor damage. If you MUST utilize a lance,
use the stabbing draw spell. Rip off one full combo on the Kirin when
it does its Scornful View. Otherwise, dwell on the lookout, and use hit-and-run tactics.
When piercing, try to utilize the stabbing interest spell a lot. While many
attacks can be intercepted, Kirin’s trample will drain your stamina fast, so
hits and runs are sufficient unless you have about 150 power. Nevertheless,
penetrating always may criticize over or flinch Kirin, showing you more
time to play some deadly attacks. So, like Hammer, you must attack either
the safe rear or go for the flinch so that you can shoot the veneer.
If you pick the double option, recall blocking the Lightning Storms.


Bowguns are a great way to do a lot of damage to Fire Kirin Fish Game Cheats while not taking any damage yourself. Timing is critical when you use a blowgun.
Only load and fire when Kirin comes at you while you’re out of range. I can’t say how hard it is to fire with a Kirin on you as long as Kirin is making an attack like a Lightning Blitz and you’re far enough away that it won’t hurt you.

The shot is the heart of a Kirin/Bowgun battle. You will enjoy bringing:

Normal Shot Lv.1
Normal Shot Lv.2
Class Lv.2
Pellet Lv.2
Ice Shot
Crag Lv.2
99x Sm. Bone Husk
50x Wyvern Claw okThis should be more than enough to take down a Kirin, in my opinion. 3 Crag Lv.2, 60 Pellet Lv.2 (for killing prey and harming Kirin), 30 Clust Lv.2, and a few frost shots are the most common items I bring into battle. To begin with, it may seem like a lot to utilize this many, but it’s somewhat manageable. Even though the horn and head are the most effective targets to aim for, I often shoot without a scope at the body.

In addition, the third-person aim is a helpful tactic. You may employ a red crosshair in third-person mode by holding “L” and pressing a D-Pad direction. This is useful for targeting when a sudden change is possible. You’ll also see more of your surroundings and have a better view of the region while flying.

I strongly recommend that Kirin use a light bowgun. Dodging with a blowgun is much easier since you can reload fast while running. Heavy blowguns may be excessively sluggish, and you’ll be struck too frequently if you use them. Choosing a light bowgun may be difficult.

Therefore I recommend the Maelstrom, which is fast to reload and can fire any ammunition. The Uranos Grenade Launcher may also be used if you’ve previously defeated a Black Gravios. High-level bullets are used often, and the weapon’s reload time is very fast, with considerable attack strength.

To rapidly take down the Kirin, keep pounding him with bullets.
The ledge in Area 6 isn’t an excellent place to attempt to shoot Kirin, either. He’s still capable of hurting you. Run around in a circle with the blowgun drawn.

When he attacks, you keep out of the path and have time to fire a few rounds or reload your weapon. Recall that you should only respond in response to his attacks.

Rewards and Carves

After slaying Kirin, it’s time to get to the fun part: the loot! The materials found in Kirin can be used to craft some powerful armor and weapons. Per-piece defensive values for blade master and gunner in standard Kirin armor range from 21 to 10.

For the blade master, Kirin+ has roughly 31 defensive points, while for the gunner, it has about 20. There is four thunder resistance on all standard and Kirin+ equipment. White mane and Kirin Skull with Horn on your head? What’s cooler than that?


Kirin carving information was provided by “SnowyBellz” of GameFAQs. Check out Snowy’s Wyvern Carve Guide on GameFAQs for details on carvings from all Wyverns and monsters in Monster Hunter.

Normal Kirin:\sKirin Mane
Kirin Hide
Kirin Horn\sLightcrystal

Kirin+:\sKirin Horn
Kirin Azure Horn
Kirin Azure Tail
Kirin Hide+
Kirin Hide\sNovacrystal

Kirin G:\sKirin Horn
Kirin Azure Horn
Kirin Thunder Tail
Kirin Hide+\sSpecial Hide\sPure Crystal


While Kirin bears prizes comparable to carves, Kirin typically delivers Max Potions and\sAncient Potions as a reward. How odd…of course, utilize this to your advantage.

GuildCard linked Rewards

For killing Kirin once you receive the adornment Mane Earrings (Second row,\ssixth column). Description: “Proof of expertly slaughtering a Kirin.
The azure mane flutters even without wind.”

After slaying Kirin twenty times, you receive the “Kirin Hunter” title.
Description: “Slain several Kirin.”

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Legal Information


GameFAQs and help give methods for many Wyverns and animals.
Defcon999, for helping in the reformatting.
Snowybellz, for donating details on Kirin G, carves, and giving a
system for Sword and Shield. Visit Snowy’s Wyvern

Journey89, for donating an excellent plan for battling Kirin with a Great
LordZerra, for donating another (excellent) Great Cutlass method.
DaiIchiban, for the Impairment Chart.
GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ and creating such a wonderful neighborhood.
Capcom for making, and hopefully resuming, the Monster Hunter series and the
Monster Hunter Freedom sequel.

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Here is a step-by-step instruction manual Kevin Heiland’s Copyright 2006-2007 (Ocelot19). None of yours.

Only for personal, non-commercial use is this guide allowed to be duplicated in whole or part. Without the author’s authorization, it can’t be put on a public website or disseminated. Using this tutorial on any other website or in any public display without the copyright owner’s permission is illegal and a copyright infringement.