Logan Paul Uncovers Rare 1st Edition Pokemon Card Pack Worth $40,000 – and Raises $78,000 for Charity


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First Edition Pokemon Cards Pack Logan Paul opened up one of the rarest 1st editions. Pokemon cards were conceivable just after the 1-hour mark of the charity live stream, which was broadcast for a good cause. He drew the 1st Edition Charizard that he had been looking forward to for a long time.

There was some minor damage to the right side of the card and a tiny off-centring of the card. Based on their estimates, they scored the card a 9 out of 10, yet they still valued it worth around $40,000 or perhaps more. It may not have been a flawless discovery, but it was significant.

Logan Paul said he received a $50,000 payment from a sponsor for his charitable broadcast. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), he said, would benefit from the money he was giving away. According to Logan Paul, the gift will not arrive until Monday, and the target has so far been reached with $78,000 out of a total of $111,111 as of this writing.

Then, only a few hours later, some major Pokemon Trading Card news broke again. A 1st edition shadowless Charizard was placed up for sale, and it was quickly approaching the $150,000 threshold, which is astronomical in this day and age. Shadowless refers to the fact that there is no shadow on the artwork on the right side of the card picture. It’s one of the most challenging cards to come by.

First Edition Pokemon Cards Pack Japan Release

First Edition Pokemon Cards Pack Japan Release

First Edition runs in Japan started with Pokémon VS and Pokémon Web in 2001 and lasted until Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary, the Japanese counterpart of Evolutions. Numerous Japanese sets feature lower unlimited print runs than their first edition print runs, making limitless cards more difficult to come by than their first edition counterparts.

Edition Pokemon Cards Pack Information

A card’s 1st Edition status may be determined by the presence of an “Edition 1” sign on the card, which is usually located on the other side of the card from the Expansion symbol (or next to it with early Japanese 1st Edition sets). This emblem may also be seen on the booster packs and crates for the First Edition.

It was a concept that Wizards of the Coast employed for their English and European releases of the TCG, starting with the Base Set, the first set released in the Western world of the game. Japanese cars were not available in 1st Edition runs at this writing. Every group (except Base Set 2) was manufactured in 1st Edition, all the way up to and including Neo Destiny.

Wizards were probably under pressure to produce sets on the dates they had stated a role in their decision to abandon the notion of 1st Edition cards. This pressure became especially obvious during the Neo-era.

Wizards even discontinued their previously scheduled timed releases in late 2001. As a result, 1st Edition runs were issued concurrently with or even after their Unlimited counterparts, making them outdated. Another issue was the increasing pressure on Wizards to deliver the e-card sets as soon as possible before their license expired in 2003, which was another factor.

Following Nintendo’s acquisition of the Trading Card Game, 1st Edition runs were rejected outright. However, coincidentally, Japanese 1st Edition runs started to be made about the same time as English 1st Edition cards were scrutinized.

Logan Paul revealed earlier this month that he will be conducting the “largest Pokemon box break ever” after paying USD 2 million to acquire six Pokémon First Edition Base Set booster boxes. The Internet celebrity then placed 36 of the unopened booster packs up for auction via Goldin Auctions in conjunction with the announcement.

Unsurprisingly, the one-of-a-kind auction sparked excitement across the TCG community, with packs selling for an unprecedented average of USD 39,206 per and more than USD 1 million.

Several friends and Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon trading card game. They opened all 36 packs at once. Those who purchased bags expected their USD 40,000 investment to acquire a coveted Charizard card, which sells for well over USD 350,000 on the secondary market.

The excellent news for confident investors is that Logan Paul was successful in pulling two holographic Charizards and a Venusaur and Blastoise, amongst other rares, for a total estimated pull value of USD 2,000,000!

Watch Logan Paul’s USD 1 Million Pokémon First Edition Base Set booster box opening in the video above, then scroll down to see a run-through of all the revealed rare draws.

Pokemon Cards Pack Value

First Edition Pokemon Cards Pack Value


1st Edition cards are often valued more than their Unlimited counterparts in monetary value. In contrast to early TCG Expansion runs, as previously stated, several of the final English 1st Edition sets were published either at the same time as or shortly after the debut of Unlimited, making them much less valuable.

The most expensive 1st Edition cards are often considered the Base Set since they were issued before the Pokémon craze took hold in the Western world. Much of the first Edition of the TCG had already been sold when the game was completely established. First Edition Machamp starting decks were the first to be made, and they found how 1st Edition cards would be produced in the future.

Card deviations from their intended look were also seen in 1st Edition runs from subsequent Expansions (see Error cards). In addition, since many problem cards are fixed in the following Unlimited runs, many error cards are provided as extra material for collectors. These are stated in card errata released by the gaming organization, which are frequently worded in attacks that do not match what was intended.


Comparison between Base Set 1st Edition, “Shadowless,” and Unlimited runs.

Base Set is also unusual in that Wizards were still experimenting with the layout and aesthetics of the cards after the 1st Edition run, which becomes apparent when cards from both 1st Edition and Unlimited are compared.

The most visible difference is text weighting for HP values and assaults; Unlimited is significantly bolder. Another was the insertion of a drop shadow beneath the character image window, reportedly introduced to give the card more depth.

This subsequent addition led to the creation of a transitional run, frequently called Shadowless. A small print run of Base Set was made without the 1st Edition logo, and the adjustments indicated above were incorporated in the actual Unlimited run. The Shadowless cards are also highly sought after by collectors because their rarity is similar to the original Edition.

Top 5 First Edition Pokemon Cards

Top 5 First Edition Pokemon Cards Pack


Any 1st Edition Pokémon card that is shiny and shadowless will be worth something, but a handful stands out from the rest of the pack in terms of value.

1999 Shadowless Charizard Pokemon Base 1st Edition

Charizard was the most critical Pokémon in the original set, and it was also one of the most popular at the time. That has persisted until the current day, while the costs of shadowless versions continue to grow in response.

In October 2020, rapper Logic purchased a Charizard for $220,574, and the record was quickly surpassed in December 2020, when a Charizard sold for $369,000. According to a report on the transaction,

“Another transaction via PWCC on eBay, which also exceeded the USD 300,000 mark, proved that the Charizard obsession is still going strong. This card belongs to a collector who purchased it in 2009 for USD 700 and sold it only a few days ago for USD 350,000.”

1999 Pokemon Base 1st Edition Shadowless Blastoise

While not one of the few Pokémon who would give Charizard a run for his money in the real world, Blastoise is another of the original starters, this time in their fully developed form, and is one of the most powerful of them all. As is typically the case, immaculate copies are highly sought after, and it’s worth mentioning that Blastoise appeared on the cover of Pokémon Blue. If you cannot get a PSA 10 Charizard, this is unquestionably the next best thing.

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1999 Pokemon Base 1st Edition Shadowless Chansey

Chansey? Although it is not the most crucial Pokémon to make a list compared to the others, it is still quite helpful if you seek exact duplicates of the characters.

Due to manufacturing issues that resulted in significant scratching on the holographic foil portion of the card, the Chansey from the 1st Edition Base Set has consistently ranked among the most challenging cards to grade ever released by Pokémon, with a PSA 10 population of only 46 copies in the first printing.

2000 Pokemon Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holo Lugia 

Instead of continuing with this set, let’s go on to one published the following year. Lugia was the cover hero for the next generation of Pokémon games, and although he may not be as good as some of the previous alternatives, he is still a card widely sought after by collectors of the series.

A white backdrop is the cause of a variety of difficulties, which can also be observed with the 1999 Chansey card shown below, resulting in greater values than would otherwise be expected. There are often issues with the lining, so just 41 PSA 10 instances have been submitted out of around 1300 total submissions.

1999 Pokemon Base 1st Edition Shadowless Mewtwo 

Besides being the first film’s hero, Mewtwo was also one of the most mysterious Pokémon from the initial batch of 151 released in Japan. The first edition card, which was the tenth card in the collection at its release, is still incredibly valued today.

There are presently 80 PSA and 10 graded copies of the Mewtwo card available, and they are expected to sell for well over five figures when they become available. Only the cards mentioned above tend to be as valuable as this one, which is the most powerful of the original Pokémon.

Top First Edition Pokemon Cards

So as you can see, some of the most well-known Pokémon characters appear on the top first Edition Pokémon cards, with the 1999 set garnering a clear preference. The majority of the glossy cards have long since been forgotten, and PSA 10 graded (also known as PSA Grading or SGC Grading) shadowless versions are often found in collections with less than 100 copies.

“This leads to increasing rarity, which leads to the extraordinary prices we’ve seen this year.” It is only anticipated to become more prevalent as time progresses.”

In recent months, there has been a significant increase in interest in the hobby, which is most likely due to the world-record-breaking acquisition of Charizard for the most part.

If you’re looking for the most significant investments, you can’t go wrong with the original 151 or unique cards like the Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holo Lugia.


Is there any monetary value to 1st Edition Pokemon cards?

The value of 1st Edition Pokemon cards may range from a few hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the card. Could you send us an email?

On the approximate market worth of your Pokemon card.

Is it still possible to get Pokemon cards from the First Edition?

No more 1st Edition Pokemon cards are being produced or created.

Why is 1st edition Charizard so expensive?

1st edition Charizard is so costly due to the absence of availability of the card and is in good shape.

What is the rarest Pokemon card?

According to Pokemon card specialists, the Pikachu Illustrator card is the rarest of all the Pokemon cards, and it is referred to as the “white whale” of all the Pokemon cards.

How to get first Edition Pokemon cards?

The best location to get first Edition Pokemon cards is through eBay auctions. If you are fortunate and look hard enough, you may locate one far lower than the actual worth.

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