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Pokemon Crystal Version is a role-playing video game released by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color in 2000. The game was developed and published by Game Freak. Specifically, it was designed for the Game Boy Color. The Pokémon games are the best they have ever been in this game.

Here comes the conclusion of the Pokémon video game franchise, which has been going on for a decade. Pokemon Crystal is a re-release of the original Pokemon Crystal on the Game Boy Advance, with a few tweaks. The most recent version has been submitted by the individual who initially authored it. The links below will be updated if I notice that anything has changed.

Pokémon Crystal Information

Pokemon Crystal Advance is the game’s official name.

Classification: GBA

It’s a changed arrangement of Fire Red.

Vocabulary: English

Developer: Kertra

Some of the most important places

Individuals who live in the woodland called Chikorita are called.


This is the term Cyndaquil, also known as Cinnabar, in certain circles. Volkano Totodile inhabits the island of Seafoam.

For Mew: To play Pokemon, you must have Mewtwo in your party.


Celebi is now located in Ilex Forest. It would be beneficial if you had GS-Ball to play with.

After you defeat the Champion, you will be given Chansey by the Goldenrod Poke Center so that you may transport it there. Make your way to Kurt.

The Goldenrod Casino is the only place to get Pokemon from the third and fourth generations.

Pokemon Crystal Features


Pokemon Crystal Features


New talents and skills have been acquired.

There has been an addition of a new move set.

This is a list of new icon kinds that have been created. Pokemon icons in a black and white style may be found on this page.

Seasonal fairies are the same as always.

Survival abilities that can be utilized again and over again are precious.

Nature contains a plethora of diverse hues, as seen here:

It is the second generation of the product. Daily, Evolution Info at Goldenrod Casino provides information regarding the Pokeball Battle Tower and the Bug-Catching Competition.

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Pokemon Crystal New Location



Other Evolution Items You Can Find

Route 29, Wild Abra, Kadabra, and Route 29 will all be at the Twisted Spoon on Tuesday, as will Route 29 itself.

In Goldenrod Dept 5F, there’s a wild Machop in the middle of a gaming deal with another Machop who also possesses it.

Tag with a Spell

Wild Gastly, Haunter, Misdreavus, and Blackthorn will all be present in the game on Saturday.

On Thursday, there will be a significant amount of hard stones. Wild Graveler, Onix, Corsola, and Route 36 are some of my favourite games.

Metal Coat

The Wild Skarmory and the Fast Ship events are also included in this game.

Kings Rock is home to three wild slowpokes known as the slow dude, a slowpoke, and another.

Dragon Scale

Wild Dratini, Horsea, Seadra, and Mt. Mortar are all included on this list of enchanted plants.


The Silph Corporation It’s included on the DVD. This is Giovani’s hidden chamber in the Celadon castle.

Wild Rhydon and Safari Zone are two attractions that draw a crowd.

It’s a gimmick that generates electricity and emits a buzzing sound.

It has Wild Magmar as well as the Pokemon Mansion.

On Sunday, Wild Magnemite, Magneton, and Route 37 will all be available.

This game only works in 2D.

Spoiler alert: This writing may give away the critical narrative or terminate communication.

Pokemon Crystal Spoiler warning

When the player is summoned to Professor Elm’s laboratory, they are tasked with completing an errand. After that, he hands over one of three Pokémon: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile, to the player so that they can travel to Mr Pokémon’s house and assist them in getting there.

A chance encounter with Kanto’s own Professor Oak occurs while the player is on an errand for Elm. A Pokédex is given to the player by Oak, who believes that the player has begun their journey with Pokémon.

Sometime during the game, the player is attacked by an enraged and mysterious Pokémon Trainer returning home from school.

In a break-in at Professor Elm’s lab, a Pokémon was stolen, and it happened to be the same Pokémon that the player’s starter is weak against.

The person who broke into the house matches the description of the individual who stole a Pokémon from Professor Elm’s laboratory. There will be numerous disagreements between this Trainer and the player during this game regarding what it means to be the best Pokémon Trainer in the world.

Team Rocket has adopted a new attitude due to the absence of their leader Giovanni for an extended period. They want to retake control of the world, beginning with Johto. The first things they do are simple, such as cutting the tails off of Slowpoke and selling them as food for a large sum of money.

Then they become more ingenious, such as when they devise a plan to use radio frequencies to cause some Pokémon to evolve near Mahogany town’s Lake of Rage. Red Gyarados are on the loose in the lake, and players must fight or capture them.

Lance will arrive and congratulate the player on their efforts in combat while also requesting assistance in locating the source of the radio signals, which are coming from an unidentified source.

As soon as the player returns to Mahogany town and enters the Souvenir Shop, they will witness Lance and his Dragonite engaged in combat with a present man.

The Rocket base, which a Rocket Grunt informed us was an old ninja hideout, will be reached through a secret door. Message from Lance: Lance has asked you to assist him in knocking out the Electrode that powers his machine that produces radio waves.

After completing this assignment, Lance expresses gratitude and presents the player with the HM Whirlpool. When you defeat Pryce, the leader of Mahogany Gym, Professor Elm, will phone you and inform you that unusual transmissions are coming from the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City, which you may tune in to for information.

According to reports, the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City has been taken over by Team Rocket. Ultimately, they want to contact Giovanni, their departed commander, and persuade him to rejoin the rest of Team Rocket. Everyone from the station’s chief to its station manager was abducted and replaced by an imposter.

After defeating the phoney Director, he will reveal the location of the actual Director to the player. When the genuine Director is freed, the Card Key will be given to the players.

It leads them to a door on the third level of the Radio Tower, where they are met by Rocket Executive, who is in the organization’s leadership. For the second time in as many years, Team Rocket has officially disbanded. Thank you, the Director presents the player with a Clear Bell.

A Legendary Pokémon, known as Suicune, will also be found during the player’s journey. After waking up the three Legendary beasts from their sleep at the Burned Tower, the player will meet Suicune.

Unlike Raikou and Entei, Suicune pays attention to the player. Eusine, on the other hand, is interested in Suicune, having been looking for it for ten years and finally getting a glimpse of it thanks to the player. In Cianwood City, Eusine challenges the player to a fight. He wants to earn Suicune’s respect to find out what it takes care of.

When the player has the Clear Bell, they let them go into Suicune’s Tin Tower. Soon after catching all three of the Legendary Pokémon, Ho-Oh comes back to the Tin Tower after 150 years. The player has shown that they can touch the souls of Pokémon by catching all three.

Like in all previous games, the objective in this game is to defeat every gym leader in Johto, earn all eight badges, and face off against the Elite Four.

After that, the player will go to Kanto and engage in combat with the Kanto Gym Leaders to earn their Badges. After obtaining all eight badges, the player will go to Mt. Silver and battle with Red from Generation I.

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Pokemon Crystal Stone Places

Alan, the schoolboy: – Fire Stone: – (Route 36)

Sea Cottage is located on Route 25. Cinnabar Pokemon Maison: Cinnabar Pokemon Maison is a place where you may find Pokemon (Hidden)

The Water Stone was used to defeat the fisherman Tully (Route 42)

Sea Cottage is located on Route 25. Route 25 (Sea Cottage) leads to Seafoam Island (Hidden)

Beat Lass Dana to a pulp. Route 38 is an excellent example of this.

Sea Cottage is located on Route 25. (Hidden)

Leaf Stone: – Get the better of Gina (Route 34)

– Safari Zone – Sea Cottage Route 25 (which seems to have a strange tint) (Hidden)

It’s referred to as Sunkern (5 per cent)

Sunflower is a flower that grows in the sunflower family (5 per cent)

Mt. Moon Square, Tohjo Falls, and the Moon Stone are all nearby attractions (Monday at Night)

Clefairy and Clefable account for 5% of the total (5 per cent)

Ice Stone is a powerful weapon against Lorelei (Seafoam Island)

Patches of Ice (Hidden)

Beat Agatha (Lavender Town) and go to Ecruteak City, where you will find the Dusk Stone (Hidden)

Shiny Stone was victorious against Giovanni in Celadon City. Giovanni was beaten in Ilex Forest by Shiny Stone (Hidden)

Bug Catching Contest: – 1 Stone will be chosen at random (Catch Pinsir or Scyther)

Everything is located in Fushia City (Sunday)

a response from the crowd response from the audience

In the past, I was a child

That’s the one who didn’t make it. If I had played Pokemon Crystal when it first came out in 2001, would it have been my all-time favourite game? After ten years of searching, I was finally able to get it.

It’s something I never leave the cave without. Those looking for a nostalgic dose of Johto will find it in this game. – It does provide a great deal of happiness.


This is the game that I like the most. This game has a special place in my heart since it presents many concepts that would eventually become highly significant in the Pokemon series.

It’s a considerable departure from my least favourite Pokemon games, Red and Blue, as I already said. There are several Pokemon that are visually appealing, including the.

Pokémon Crystal is back, and it has a lot of new features.

In 2000, the Pokémon Crystal game brought several new features to the Pokémon universe. It was the first time players could pick between girls and males, and the combat contained animation.

This new Virtual Console release allows you to travel back to the Johto area or, for the first time, to see it.

You may trek across Johto, based on the Pokémon Gold and Silver games, but with additional features and narratives exclusive to the

Pokémon Crystal game.

After you accomplish the main adventure, there will be an event to meet Celebi.


Please take a look at the character Eusine and find out how he’s tied to the Legendary Pokemon Suicune.

People may battle and trade with each other through local wifi.

This version of Pokemon Crystal comes with a paid feature called “Pokémon Bank.” With this service, you may import the Pokemon that you captured in this edition of the game into the Pokémon sun, moon, ultra sun, and ultra moon games.


what is a pokemon crystal?

Pokémon Crystal Version is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color. It is the improved version of Pokémon Gold and Silver, and it is the final game of the second generation of the Pokémon video game series. It is the final Pokémon game to be released for the Game Boy Color system. It was released in Japan in 2000, and then internationally in 2001. Pokémon Crystal was released worldwide on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on January 26, 2018.

what is a pokemon liquid crystal?

Liquid Crystal is a ROM Hack developed for the GameBoy Advanced system using FireRed as the base. It’s a complete Pokémon Crystal Remake of the GameBoy Color classic. The story is the same as the Original Crystal with a load of extra events and even a brand new region to explore

Pokemon sprites in Pokemon Crystal have small animations, unlike in previous games when they were static. Pokemon Crystal was also the first Pokemon game only playable on the Game Boy Color, overall having more vibrant graphics.
Pokemon Crystal is the third game of the 2nd generation, and it’s generally considered to be a refinement of Gold and Silver. Crystal has all the usual Pokemon a gamer might expect, but some notable omissions can only be obtained by trading with the other games of the 2nd and 1st generations.
Yes in pokemon emerald there are more pokemon to catch, but I feel that the storyline is much better in crystal. I feel like the only advantage emerald has is the ability to re-challenge gym leaders and the battle frontier, otherwise, a crystal was the better game.
Totodile is probably still the “best” starter in G/S/C. You can teach it Ice Punch from a TM at Goldenrod, Surf and Waterfall are great STABs and it can learn Earthquake/ Dig from TMs too. Assuming you’ll evolve Cyndaquil into Typhlosion ASAP, it doesn’t learn Flamethrower until L60 and is stuck with Flame Wheel.

What Type Is Crystal Onix

Crystal Onix is a Crystal-type Pokemon. It evolves into Crystal Steelix at night, if holding a(n) Metal Coat. It evolves into Crystal Steelix during the day, while holding a(n) Metal Coat.

What Is Better Pokemon Gold Or Silver

In Gold, you can catch different pokémon than in Silver. In Silver, the levels of Ho-oh and Lugia are different from Gold. Then Gold has different graphics than Silver. You all know in Silver, Lugia is level 40 and Ho-oh is level 70, and in Gold, it’s the other way around, right?


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