. Pokemon Platinum Rom Every NDS Best lucky Version Download 2022

Pokemon Platinum Rom Every NDS Best lucky Version Download 2022


Pokemon Platinum Rom NDS Rom Version US is for Nintendo DS (NDS) Emulator. Downloading Link In The Description You Find. I Hope You Like And Share This Link. Thanks
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Pokemon Platinum ROM Download for Nintendo DS that you can play. At EmulatorGames.net, you can only get the US-English version of this game. Pokemon Platinum Version (US) ROM can be downloaded. You can use it with an emulator to play it.

Use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to play an online NDS game in the best possible quality. I like this game on Emulator Games so much that I also want the Pokemon Emerald Version and Pokemon Fire Red Version, two other free games (V1.1)


Pokemon Platinum Rom Version

Platinum Version is a Nintendo DS game you can download (NDS). You can play Pokemon: Pokemon Platinum Rom Version, but you can also play it online and download it. Pokemon: Platinum Version is a ROM for the Nintendo DS that you can download. It would be best to have an emulator to play the game offline. This is the English (USA) version of the game. It’s the best quality you can get.

If you are a big fan of the Pokemon series, you’ll be very interested in the manga, anime, and games that show their parts. Later on, the game’s world grows a lot, making Pokemon appear more and have much more power. There are two Pokemon who are the gods of the Sinnoh region.

In part 7, Dialga and Palkia are two of them. They can control time and space in this region. And Team Galactic is a lousy person who uses their intelligence and team to take advantage of their power and make money. This is the second game in the series, and it continues the player’s fight against Galactic’s evil plan.

In this case, a different world is being used. There is a more powerful Pokemon with a more horrible Dialga TM and Palkia TM. At Distortion World, space and time don’t follow the same rules as real life. This is because of Giratina’s power. Everything will become apparent when the player meets Pokemon outside of time and space.

When you start the game, you’ll still be able to catch, train, and fight with Pokemon like you usually would. However, thanks to the new platform, the game will spread its reach more than ever because you can connect with many people worldwide thanks to wireless broadband.

Wi-Fi Plaza will be a place where you can meet up with four friends and play three new mini-games. You can also get many benefits from that. The Pokemon exchange system also makes it easier to add to your collection than it was before. Pokémon Go Tour 2022.

This game will also add a new character, Looker, who will help players through the game as they work to become Pokemon Master. But the characters in the game will have both old and new people in them. They include Giratina, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, and many other Pokémon, like many others. Many new features have been added to the game settings system to make it even better for players.

pokemon platinum rom Version

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Pokemon Crystal Rom

Pokemon Platinum Rom NDS Review

Platinum is on the list of the best Pokemon games on Nintendo NDS. To win this game, you have to fight with your cards. You have to choose the best card at the right time with the cards in this game. Every time you level up and earn coins, you can get better cards or new weapons to fight your enemies.

GamePlay For Pokemon Platinum Rom

In the Pokemon series, role-playing games are top-rated. The Pokemon Platinum Rom NDS base gameplay is based on this type of game, which is very popular. Pokémon games for handheld consoles have been played from a third-person perspective until this point. There are three main screens:

A field map where the main character moves around.

A battle screen where the main character fights.

A menu where the player can change their party or gameplay settings.

Pokemon Platinum Rom Storyline

Pokémon Platinum, while mostly following the same plot as Diamond and Pearl, adds a lot of new things to it. Two new characters are shown: Charon, a scientist in Team Galactic, and Looker, a detective looking into Team Galactic under “Looker.” Giratina is also a big part of the story. Dialga and Palkia were the main characters of Diamond and Pearl, respectively. However, the player can still get both Dialga and Palkia. In Diamond and Pearl, the player could only get Giratina and the game’s mascot.

Pokemon Platinum Rom Download NDS

There is a way to download and install Pokemon Platinum on your Nintendo DS. To do that, you first need to install the Nintendo DS emulator. You can find it on the Nintendo NDS Emulator page.

Best Emulator for Pokemon Platinum Version ROM

Suppose you want to play the Pokemon Platinum Version. In that case, you’ll need to have a Nintendo DS emulator installed and download it to your device. There are a few more great Nintendo DS emulators for Windows PCs, like DeSmuMe, which has a lot of compatibilities, and MelonDS, which has a lot of speed and accuracy.
Users of Macs should use RetroArch and OpenEmu.

Similar Games

pokemon platinum rom Similar Games


It will be fun to play some of the games similar to Pokemon ROM games if you are a fan of Pokemon.
A few of them are below:

Pikachu’s battle with the Revolution
It’s called Pokemon Battle Revolution, and it shows eleven different arenas in a Pokemon-themed park called “Pokemonopia.” Among other things, some stadiums have their unique effects.
The most exciting thing about Pokemon Battle Revolution is that the player gets Poke-Coupons, the game’s money. The coupons can change the appearance of the character in the game based on your tastes.

My Pokemon Ranch is a place where I can meet other people
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Platinum can use my Pokemon Ranch, but not Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Platinum. The game lets you send up to 1500 of your Pokemon to a ranch run by Hayley.
You can even take a picture of your Pokemon and send it to your friends! The players can even do specific idle things like play, sleep, and talk at other people’s ranches to make it more exciting and fun.

Pokemon Conquest is the name of the game.
In Pokemon Conquest, the player can go around the Ransei Region and make friends with Pokemon, fight Warriors, and fight Warlords. This feature is meant to conquer and unite the region to work with the player’s party so that the warriors and warlords can.
It is different from the other Pokemon games in that the players can only use one move here.


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